Sibling Support

One of the most challenging parts of extending your family is the worry and concern about who will care for the older child(ren) during labor and delivery.  Some families plan to include their older child(ren) in the birth process, while others want their older child(ren) to be separate from the process. Either way, having a solid, reliable person who understands the emotional needs of your child and who can be available at very short notice is very important to most families.  Some families are fortunate enough to have family or friends close by that they can count on to provide this for them during this exciting time. But, not all families expecting a new addition will be able to count on a friend or family member for support.

This is why DEL offers a sibling support package. It provides a doula/child development specialist for your older kids! Doulas and child development specialist are trained to provide emotional support and are also available to provide that support with very short notice.

Sibling Support Services Include:

One prenatal visit of up to two hours with the doula, you, and your child(ren) to build a connection with and communicate routine, care needs, and comforts of your child(ren).

24-hour on-call availability during the 3-4 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your due date 

Continuous hands-on and skilled childcare for your child(ren) in your home or at the birth location during your labor and up to four hours after birth.

Guaranteed back-up doula/child development specialist


  • Free prenatal visit with a signed contract and a 1-hour deposit fee of $25
  • $25.00 per hour of support provided by a doula/child development specialist during birth and up to 4 hours after birth

Sliding scale fee and DEL support for eligible families

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