Parent Education

Parenting education and support empower individuals and families with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies, and skills to make informed decisions that will have positive impacts on their child's development.

DEL offers support through Community-Based Education classes

Ten independent lessons each 60 to 90 minutes long:

1. Understanding Feelings

2. Alternatives to Spanking

3. Communicating with Respect

4. Building Self-Worth in Children

5. Praising Children & their Behavior

6. Ages & Stages of Growth from birth to 8 years

7. The Philosophy and Practices of Nurturing Parenting

8. Learning Positive Ways to Deal with Stress & Anger

9. Understanding & Developing Family Morals, Values & Rules

10. Ways to Enhance Positive Brain Development in Children & Teens

Lessons can be designed to fit the need of families or be taken over a 10-week series.  Families will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 10-week series or class


$25 per class or $200 for the 10-week series.  

No or low-income families are eligible for discounted services.  Check to see if you are eligible here.

Check the calendar for class schedule

"Parenting does not begin once your child is born. It begins the moment you realize you are pregnant." -D. EL