Signs of Play 

Signs of Play is a family and me outdoor playgroup that incorporates outdoor fun and sign language.  Through a developmentally appropriate curriculum you and your child will engage in activities that promote creative and critical thinking skills, social-emotional development, encourage physical activities, and increase language and literacy. 

The curriculum engages and delights children between the of ages 18 months-10 years old.  The playgroups are led by skilled and knowledgeable child development specialist who will direct lessons around a storybook of the week.  With each lesson, you and your child will learn 2-3 new signs increasing language development.  As the season unfolds, the unique themes and challenges build to challenge children as they progress through the program and participate in the activities. As each family engages in the lessons they will launch and direct their own play and experiences. No two families will have the same experience, because it is the process that matters. 

Parents, you play an important role in your child's development.  You are the most important teacher in your child’s life.  We help you as parents learn about your child’s development so you can help them build the foundation they will need for future learning.  

What's included:


Guided lesson


free exploration

Healthy snack


$7 per class

$35 for 6 classes

There are two locations for Signs of Play

Denton, MD - Martinak Park

Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount Park

Sliding scale fee for no or low-income families.  Click here to see if you qualify. 

Click here for class schedule