Car Seat Safety Check

Before you bring your bundle of joy home or if you are upgrading your child passenger seat you should have them checked by a certified technician. 75 percent of car seats are incorrectly installed.  DEL will provide a certified car seat safety technician to make sure your seat is installed correctly and answers questions such as: “When is it safe to turn my child forward facing?” “How long does my child need to be in a seat with a harness?” “When is it safe for my child to stop using a booster seat?”

During your appointment, a certified child passenger safety technicians will complete a checklist and teach you how to install and use your car seat correctly. It will take approximately 45 minutes per car seat. Please pre-install the seat(s) to the best of your ability and bring both car seat and vehicle owner’s manuals.

Safety check and installations are by appointment only.  Click here to schedule an appointment. 


$5 per car seat