Birth Pool Rental

Rent your Birth Pool in a Box regular from The Lotus Center!

Enjoy the comforts of a pool that was designed with birthing families in mind. Each Birth Pool in a Box allows for ample space, movement, and comfort. There are 3 independent inflatable chambers that allow you to adjust the height; all you do is deflate the middle chamber if you find the full height to be too tall. The pool is deep enough for buoyancy to provide pain relief for mom while still allowing for assistance if needed. The sides of the pool are strong enough to support 250 lbs of seated pressure! Cup holder to help keep momma hydrated and 6 very sturdy handles for added to support.  The birth pool does not contain any phthalates, which have been linked to fertility problems, and is free from lead and cadmium. Each pool comes with a new liner and all reusable equipment is sanitized according to CDC protocol between rentals.

Your rental will include everything you need to set up and use the pool except for a hose and floor covering:

Rental includes:

Birth Pool in a Box Regular 

Drop off and pick up

Disposable patented form-fitting liner for safety and convenience

Faucet/Hose adapter

Electric pump

Users guide with easy to follow instructions

Patching material in the unlikely event of a puncture

All in a convenient and easy to carry travel bag


Rental price is $250.00 including a $125 non-refundable deposit. Rental period is 4 consecutive weeks of your choice (usually two weeks before and after your expected delivery date.  I will pick up within 48 hours after birth). You are responsible for setup, removal of the liner, basic cleaning, and deflation. 

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